August 12 & 13

£7 – £10

Crossing between the Virtual and the Real, Tethered follows Alice’s struggle with self-identity as her world degenerates around her.

This is the debut play of Contents May Differ which skilfully combines live music, physical theatre and moments of realism.










About the search for oneself.

When she becomes bedbound, Alice is faced with the realisation of how much of her identity is made up from her love of dance. By chance a virtual reality headset finds its way into her hands, and she is presented with a unique opportunity to reconnect with what she holds most true to herself.


  1. To fasten or confine (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement.

  2. Digital Technology to use (an electronic device), to enable a wireless Inter­netconnection on another nearby device.

How much of your identity is determined by your physical body, the way you express yourself through movement and gestures? What if that body, which you inhabit, no longer obeys your wants and needs?


Virtual reality is being developed at an astonishing rate and companies are racing against each other to create the most advanced and immersive experience. When we are presented with new technology, our culture and way of life is often left behind and struggles to catch up. What everyone can agree on is that VR is ground-breaking; they’re just not sure how.

Combining live music, physical theatre and realism, Tethered crosses between the virtual and real to question how technology can shape and transform your sense of self.


This is the debut play of Contents May Differ which skillfully combines live music, physical theatre and moments of powerful realism.

august 2019 team


We believe Tethered is a piece that will speak to everyone who sometimes struggles with knowing who they are. 


april 2019 cast



Graphic Design: Sigrid Bliekendaal

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